Thursday, August 17, 2017

Everything You Need To Know When Capturing Low Light Photos At Houston Weddings

Taking photos in low light conditions can be a bit problematic, and you are probably wondering how to do the job professionally while photographing a wedding ceremony. Let’s clear one thing first; the low light photo doesn’t necessarily have to be related to night time, it also can be taken during the day or indoors, where the lighting is not very good. The wedding gigs are quite popular and common for any photographer, and if you by any chance get a job to take photos at a Houston wedding, make sure you follow these instructions.
wedding photography low light tips

1. Adjust camera settings before the start

You are aware that changing the light conditions from high to low will ask for adjusting the camera settings as well. It is vital to change your ISO; higher the number, it indicates more sensitivity to light it will be, so anything in a range between ISO 800 and ISO 1600 should be fine while taking photos indoors or when it’s darker outside.
The new generation cameras can provide excellent quality with ISO 1000 or more, while you must keep in mind to maintain shutter speed to around 60 and aperture at 2.8 or lower. Remember, the automatic settings are not very reliable, and it is best if you check everything manually.

2. Stick to the light

Although plenty of the Houston weddings can take place outdoors on a bright and sunny day, when the ceremony is held indoors in church, it can be a challenge to find the proper light source and shoot photos. Basically, you have to feed your camera with light, so take the maximum from windows, which are luckily large in churches. In case the church or the room is without windows that could provide enough light, you need to use a long lens and conduct close-up photos. Using the flash is not recommended for weddings and always give your best to exploit the slightest ray of light before turning on the flash.

3. Positioning

Learning to position yourself and stabilizing camera in your hand(s) is also a crucial step. If you are right-handed, you can use the left hand to give the camera a much-needed support, thanks to your palm. Elbows should be close to your body, while you can also kneel down and find a perfect spot. As long as you sense that the image quality and sharpness are unaffected and there is no camera shake, these techniques should do the job.

4. Using a monopod or tripod

The monopod will come handy when it is difficult to maintain stability and when the problems with the camera shaking occur. If you are using a long lens, the tripod will assist you in securing steadiness and is much easier to move around than the tripod. However, the tripod is suitable for low light photo sessions because you can decrease the ISO number and minimize the amount of noise, which will allow you to shoot at slow shutter speed. Notice that the cheap plastic tripods should be avoided, use the robust and sturdy ones instead.


Learning on how to take low light photos can be quite beneficial to your business as a photographer and getting that experience can make you a versatile professional. The pictures in daylight are beautiful, but the low light ones can be amazing if you follow the tips from above.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Improve Your Houston Wedding Photos Without Buying More Gear

A quality and expensive equipment is an important thing, but is it the most important aspect?  What can you do with the cheap stuff? Do you believe that you can improve your photos without spending much money on modern and expensive gear?


Well, you can! Buying a new stuff is not the only thing that can improve your Houston wedding photos. You can do some things to develop yourself, often avoid photographer's mistakes, and the progress is sure.
  1. Learn Composition

It is a fact that the professional photographers can make amazing Houston Wedding photos even with the cheapest equipment. The composition is how you draw attention to your subject, focusing on only necessary and excluding the unimportant details. You can master it very easily just by paying attention to light, composition and camera settings. Would your photograph look better if you had captured it at a different time of day, or from a different angle/perspective?
Be honest with yourself, learn from your mistakes and it will be better next time.


  1. Master your Own Gear

It is the misconception that buying a new product increase your photo quality rapidly. You may not believe me, but using the same piece of the camera for a long time actually, would improve your photographs. It is because that’s when you use the same camera often – you are getting used to her. You would master all the settings, the button locations, the metering system, the autofocus behavior, lights...  If you buy a new one with the better performances, of course, you can master it too in some time, but it is always better to use your old one until you master new. Camera equipment is not the most important part of creating good photos and it is how you are familiar with your kit.
  1. Motivate yourself

Try to motivate yourself with searching for photographers that use the same equipment as you do. If they can take a better picture than you – then do not buy a new one. Master your old camera in the best possible way and bring your knowledge of her to perfection. That is the secret of the best photographers. They constantly demand more of themselves. 


  1. Visualization

Passionate photographers are looking the world as a constant movement of the pictures. Take a picture in your head first. Imagine, be creative, set it all up before "pulling the trigger." When you find the perfect cadre – capture it. That is not secret or something that is hard to do, you just need your imagination. Use it well.
All of this is a clear sign that being a photographer is not an easy job, as some may think. It is not enough to have an expensive gear to do it. First of all,  you need to have a good imagination, a good eye, the sense of a moment... But the most important thing is that you need to have passion. To do what makes you happy, and to love your job. That is the best way to improve yourself.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

4 Reasons Why Your Next Party Needs Event Photography With On-Site Printing

Parties are too short and our memories tend to fade away with time. However, there are ways to ensure that you and your loved ones will always remember the most important events in life. While event photography has been around for quite a while and has become essential to a party, a birthday, or a wedding, on-site printing is quickly becoming just as popular.

Versatile, and sure to make an impact
Whether you're organizing a wedding or a corporate event, there are some significant benefits in hiring a professional or company that also provides on-site printing.
When it comes to Houston Wedding Photography, memories are everything. And what better way to mark the experience than by offering your guests the photos to remind them of their experience on the spot.
The same could be said in the case of business events. An on-site printing service will allow you to give your give your guests a full package that will make more of an impact than it would if you were to send the photos by email.

Great occasions that will benefit from on-site printing:
  1. Corporate events

A business event will have a lot to benefit from having a service that instantly prints the photos taken. This is partially because you will make a better impression on the guests, due to the added attention to detail, and partially as a result of the fact that you will be able to include more items in gift packages.

  1. Birthday parties

Whether you’re organizing a party for your children, or for yourself, if you intend to hire an event photographer, then be sure to hire one that also does the on-site printing. Birthdays are much more fun when you and your guests don't have to wait for days or weeks in order to get the photos.
  1. Fashion events

Advertising portfolios are invaluable in fashion events. Luckily, these can be improved and indeed made unique by including actual pictures of the event, rather than ones that have been taken in advance.

  1. Houston Wedding Photography

Weddings are some of the most important events in the life of an individual and should receive the attention that they deserve. While people usually hire photographers in order to record the event, it's always better if you can give your guests’ photos of your wedding, on the spot. No need to track them down in order to deliver the pictures, or to worry about them afterward.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


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